Hepatitis C (Also known as Hep C) can put one in a danger zone keeping in mind the nature of infection because of this virus. The accepted fact by the medical science is that Hepatitis C is a viral infection that has an impact on the liver with the passage of time. Because of the chronic infection, there can be the scarring of the liver and this can lead to the liver cirrhosis, liver cancer as well as liver failure. This data has been released by the WHO.
In the earlier times, the treatment for Hepatitis C used to be a lengthy process with fewer results but now the things have changed in this area. In the present times, one can get the groundbreaking medicines but these are costly. The positive thing is that these can make the condition curable. The Hepatitis C infection is considered cured if there is no trace of virus in the blood after 12-24 weeks of the treatment of the ailment. Sofosbuvir is an effective treatment for Hepatitis C.

Some of the essential facts of Hepatitis C one needs to know are:
As per CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), 2.7 million people in USA are affected by the chronic Hepatitis C and it is also called as the silent epidemic because the people are affected for as many as 30 years and they do not have any notion about this fact. The danger is that by the time revelation of the elevated enzymes is there in the blood, the liver must have already been damaged. Globally 130-150 million people have chronic Hepatitis C (Hep C) Virus.

The virus for the Hepatitis C is diverse and there are 6 commonly seen types of viruses. Seventy five percent of Hepatitis C are genotype 1 and twelve percent are genotype 2 and there are few cases that come in the category of genotype 3 to 6. According to WHO, generally 50,0000 people die each year from hepatitis C related liver problems


Hepatitis C Trend

There are many cases that are alarming. In such cases, by the time the person has the symptoms of Hepatitis C, there is already a major damage occurred in the liver. Out of 100 patients with the chronic Hepatitis C, 5-20 will develop liver cirrhosis. Asia and Africa are the high affected regions worldwide.

There can be problem by the contact. The contaminated needles can create the problem and the babies that are born can be among the infected.

the people who are born between the years 1945-65 are at high risk. Infection was at the highest between the years 1970-80.

There are specific vaccine for Hepatitis C because of its many types. Hep C is curable with the help of antiviral medications in many cases like Sofosbuvir.

According to CDC, the Hepatitis symptoms can be rarely found. 70 to 80 percent of people with HCV don’t show symptoms.
In case the person has Hepatitis C, he can take precautions that can protect others. Even after cure from virus, you need checkups.

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10 Facts About Hepatitis C Virus

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