Hepatitis C (HEP C) is one of the most dangerous diseases on the face of the planet and if the medication and the precautions are not taken in time, it will lead to death of the individual. The hepatitis C virus, also called as the HCV primarily attacks the liver and this further leads to the chronic infection causing the scarring of the organ finally leading to liver failure or liver cancer that ultimately puts man in the grave.  Only precautions and proper medication in consultation with the reputed doctor can save the life of the individual in this matter.  The general prescribed medications for this ailment as the doctors prescribe are the Hepcinat 400 mg Sofosbuvir tablets and these are to be taken as per the dosage prescribed depending on the patient to patient. Besides this, the patient will have to abstain from certain diet patterns and take the diet that is suitable for this type of ailment. Any type of diet that becomes difficult for the liver to tolerate is not recommended for such type of ailment. So, one will have to be very cautious in this matter.

Hepatitis c cure

The general prescribed drug in India that is being used for the cure of Hep C is Natco Pharma Hepcinat Sofosbuvir tablet and the tablet is called so because it is manufactured by the leading drug making company Natco pharmacy after taking the permission rights from Gilead Science Pharmaceutical Company in US, and the drug is being exported to the different countries of the world as well because of the huge demand because of its efficiency. The fact is millions are affected by this disease all over the world and the drug has proved very effective on the patients and is being recommended by the doctors all across the world. The Sofosbuvir cost in India is not beyond the affordability of the common man and it is no doubt an effective treatment for Chronic Hepatitis C.   It is also recommended that the patient should go for some body and mind exercises apart from the medication for an effective solution to this treatment.

The Hep c causes acute infection to many patients and the percentage of such patients is fifteen percent.  The patient’s appetite decreases when he is attacked by such type of ailment. There is also the weight loss and pain in the joints.  The percentage of patients in the globe that develop chronic infection is eighty percent and such type of infection leads to the liver cancer. Before the development of cirrhosis, there are fatty changes in the liver. Hepcinat 400 mg tablet can prove to be a blessing if it is taken but one will have to consult the doctor because type of infection in Hep C varies from person to person. This tablet is a boon.

What is The Treatment For Chronic Hepatitis Hep C

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