The disease Hepatitis C is alarming and it creates problem among the people leading to death if the timely resolution is not done in this matter. There is in fact no need to worry in this matter now because there is a drug called Hepcinat Sofosbuvir that is highly effective in the cure of this ailment for good.

Hepatitis C Virus

Hepatitis C Virus

Also called by the generic name Sofosbuvir, the drug is manufactured by the NATCO Pharma Company in India and is available at a much lesser rate in India when it comes to the twenty four week treatment for the patient who is suffering from Hepatitis C. The good news is that in India it will be only $1800 for the treatment of 24 weeks compared to USA where the treatment is $84 thousand and this is a lesser amount by 49 lacs.

In fact the patent holder for this kind of drug in India is known as Gilead and it has already announced this kind of price range for the drug in India.  The drug major has further said that it is going to provide the voluntary licenses to seven different companies in this regard as far as the manufacture, marketing and the distribution of this kind of drug is concerned.

There will be a voluntary licensing deal and his is a very beneficial deal as far as the Hepcinat Sofosbuvir  tablets are concerned. The voluntary licensing deal will allow the cheap sale of this kind of drug not only in India but also in the 91 different other countries.  The manufacturers of this kind of drug will be allowed to sale this drug in the countries like Brazil, China, Thailand as well as many other countries that have the middle income.  Under the licensing agreement, the companies will see the Sofosbuvir Hepcinat drug in its generic versions.  These companies will also market a related drug called ledipasvir not only in India but also in the 91 different other countries as well.  The agreement says that there is a big belief among the partnership companies as far as the high volume, low cost and high quality manufacturing of the Hepcinat tablets are concerned. One bottle of the drug in India comes at a price range of touching twenty thousand INR. By such a competition, there will be a good downfall in the price range of the drug and this will ultimately be for the good of the patient.

Why Hepcinat Sofosbuvir 400 mg helpful for HepatitisC Treatment

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